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News - 2019

  • February '19: How does cellular noise impact metabolic trade-offs? Our new work published in Nature Communications.

  • January '19: A warm welcome to Nava, a postdoctoral scholar in the lab.



News - 2018

  • December '18: A warm welcome to a new graduate student, Rabindra.

  • May '18: Andreas gave a colloquium on single-cell metabolic investigations at the Department of Microbiology at Oklahoma State University.

  • April '18: Congrats to our undergraduate researchers Nate and Grant for winning the Dean's and Research awards, respectively.

News - 2017

  • November '17: Andreas gave a Mathematical Biology seminar at Washington State University.

  • August '17: The lab is part of the 'Using Biophysical Protein Models to Map Genetic Variation to Phenotypes' project funded by NSF.

  • August '17: Rebecca was accepted at the UW Medical School (WWAMI Program), well done Rebecca.

  • May '17: Congratulations to Shahla for passing the oral prelims, well done!

  • March '17: SIIL revisited, easy and cheap way to make PMMA microfluidcs, congrats Shahla!

News - 2016

  • September '16: Congratulations to Shahla and Amrah for passing the prelims, well done!


  • April '16: An interesting video on how to make oxygen biosensors using SIIL...


  • January '16: Our lab publishes a Solvent Immersion Imprint Lithography method for making oxygen biosensors in less than 50 seconds!


  • January '16: Andreas is delivering a colloquium at WSU (Pullman, WA) on bioprocessing diversity.





News - 2015




  • October '15: Congratulations to Rebecca for winning the best poster award during the 2015 Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physical Sciences at the University of Nebraska; well done Rebecca!!


  • September '15: Welcome to Amrah Canul, a Physics graduate student.



  • June '15: Welcoming Denis Liyu, an intern student from the University of Washington.

  • May '15: A big welcome to our INBRE Fellows, Rebecca Winzer and Joshua Quimby.

  • March '15: Welcome to Shahla Nemati, a Physics graduate student.

  • February '15: Andreas receives the Oral Presentation Award in the 'Materials and Concepts for Biomedical Sensing', MRS, Boston.




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